To Add/Update Document Template

To Add Document Template

  1)Through Employee Module

        2)Through a quick search

1)Through Employee Module

   Go to employee module-->Document-->Document-Template.

 Click the "Add" button on the top right corner of the page.

 Enter the name of the template, applicable status, and enter the description of the template.

 Click on "Save", "Save & Continue", or "Print Review".

2)Through quick search

 We can also use the Search menu for quick searches.

 Use the keyword "document" to find the " document template".

   Click on that button which redirects to the print document template.

   Click on 2nd button which takes you to Add Document Template page.

To Update the Document Template

  Go to employee module-->Document-->Document-Template.

 Click on the "search" button which displays the list of templates available.

 Click on the "Update" action which redirects to another page.

 Update all the details and click on "Update" ,"Update & Continue" or "Print Preview".