To Request/View/Update the Resignation Process of an Employee

Resignation: Administer employee resignations effectively. Record estimated last working date and reasons accurately, facilitating a well-organized offboarding process.

To Add/Update Probation Process

Probation Process: The probation process involves a period of evaluation for new hires to gauge their suitability for the job, allowing employers to make informed decisions about their long-term employment.

To Add/Update Notice Period

Notice Period: Termination requires serving a notice period of 30 to 90 days, ensuring a smooth transition for both the employee and the company.

To View Employee Family Member Report

Family Member Report: A detailed document providing essential information about the individual's family, including names, relationships, and relevant personal details, facilitating record-keeping and understanding of family connections.

To Share Form For Employee

Form: Share employee forms with individuals and groups, facilitating streamlined data collection. Gather responses efficiently for seamless onboarding and record-keeping.

To Add/Update/Share Employee Exit Form

Exit form : Craft exit forms in this menu and share them with individuals or groups. Streamline the exit process for efficient offboarding.

To View the Attrition Report of an Organization

Attrition Report: This report tracks and analyzes the gradual reduction in staff due to voluntary resignations or retirements, providing insights into employee turnover and its impact on the organization's workforce dynamics.

To View Exit Reason Report of Employees

Exit Reason Report: This document records the reasons provided by employees for their resignations, offering valuable data to understand trends and address concerns to improve retention and organizational culture.

To View Employee Address Report

Employee Address Report: This comprehensive report contains the complete addresses of all employees, ensuring accurate and up-to-date contact information for effective communication and administrative purposes.

To View the Employee Work Experience Report

Employee Work Experience Report: This report presents a detailed overview of each employee's past work experiences, including job roles, responsibilities, and tenure, providing valuable insights into their professional background and expertise.