To Add/Update Permission Blocked Date For Employee

Permission Blocked Date: Specify blocked dates for employee permissions, restricting access during designated periods for enhanced security and management.

To Add/Update Employee Permission Block

Employee Permission Block : Choose employee, provide reason, and block permission request—restricts further permission requests.

To Add /Update Employee Leave Block

Employee Leave Block :Select the employees and state the reason for leave block. The selected employee cannot request further leave request until the leave block is made inactive

To Add Leave Blocked Date

Add leave blocked date: Specify periods when employee leave requests are restricted, ensuring effective workforce management and operational planning.

To Assign/View Employee Optional Holiday Policy

Optional Holiday Policy: Offer employees the flexibility of choosing optional holidays, promoting work-life balance, and accommodating diverse cultural and personal needs.

To View the Bio Log & One Day View-Bio log of the employee

One day bio log : Choose employee, view detailed log for requested date. Download data in Excel or PDF

To Process Employee Attendance

Process Attendance :Simply pick employee, set date range, and select branch—attendance processing made easy.

To View Employee Leave Calendar List

Employee Leave Calendar: The Employee Leave Calendar outlines approved leave days, providing clarity and transparency for employees to plan their time off while ensuring adequate coverage for essential business operations.

Employee OT Configuration

Employee OT Configuration: Employee OT configuration involves setting up overtime policies, rates, and tracking systems, ensuring accurate compensation for extra hours worked, and promoting fair labor practices and compliance.

To Create Over Time(OT) Type For an Employee

Over Time(OT): Assign specific overtime (OT) types to employees, categorizing and tracking extra work hours for accurate compensation and analysis.