To Add/Update Standard Deduction Assign

Standard Deduction Assign: Assign standard deductions smartly across employee groups. A strategic approach to minimize tax burdens and maximize financial gains, ensuring every employee benefits.

To Add/View Employee TDS

Manage Employee TDS with Ease - Simplify the process of managing TDS. You can quickly add or view employee records to ensure compliance with tax regulations.

To Add/View Form 16 of an Employee

Form 16 Upload: Easily upload Form 16 documents in this menu. Employees can conveniently access and download Form 16 from their login area.

To Add/View Tax/Investment Declaration

Tax/Investment declaration: Employees must provide a comprehensive list of tax-saving investments made during the financial year to ensure accurate tax calculations and compliance with regulations.

To Assign TDS To An Employee

Assign TDS : Allocate TDS to employees: pick financial year, declaration & proof dates for streamlined process.

Claim-Reimbursement Process/Credit

Claim-Reimbursement credit :Effortlessly process approved claim reimbursements. Choose month for payment processing in this menu

To Add/Upload Previous Paid Salary

Previous paid salary: Refers to the total earnings received by the individual in the preceding year, including wages, bonuses, and any other compensations.

To Assign Employee Claim-Reimbursement Approval

Approve employee claim reimbursements: Review and authorize submitted expenses, ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement for incurred costs.

To Add/Update/View Claim-Reimbursement Assign

Claim-Reimbursement Assign: Reimbursement, as defined, is compensating an individual for expenses already incurred, ensuring fair settlement and financial reconciliation.

To Add Claim-Reimbursement For Employee

Add Claim Reimbursement: By selecting the employee and assigning the Claim-reimbursement type and adding amount,perform this operation seamlessly