Employee Self Service/Employee Portal

Self Attendance Employees

Self Attendance Employees: Self-attendance for employees involves a system where staff independently record their work hours or presence with added features like selfie attachment and GPS coordinates to enhance traditional tracking.

To View/Download Form 16

Form 16 is a tax document in India, issued by employers to employees, summarizing their annual income and tax deductions

Attendance change

Attendance change: Implemented flexible work hours, boosting morale. Attendance now reflects productivity, improving team dynamics

To View Loan Details

Explore employee loan details: requested amount, EMI, total paid, and remaining balance. Your financial insights, simplified.

Daily Attendance(Live)

You can effortlessly access the daily attendance records, providing you with a real-time overview of employee presence. Furthermore, this menu enables you to instantly retrieve essential metrics such as the total employee count etc.

Bio Log

In this menu, the Attendance Group Manager is empowered to access and review the comprehensive biometric details of employees. This access includes the ability to observe the biometric data for the current date or even select a specific date for scrutiny.

To Declare Investment

Declare investments: Report your financial investments to ensure accurate tax calculations and compliance with regulations.

Comp-Off Approval

Comp Off Approval: Comp Off Approval involves reviewing and authorizing earned compensatory time off for employees who have worked extra hours, promoting work-life balance, and recognizing their dedication.

Employee Leave Calendar List

Employee Leave Calendar List: An Employee Leave Calendar List is a consolidated schedule that displays the approved leaves and time off for all employees in a company, aiding in better resource management and ensuring smooth workflow continuity.

Employee Attendance

Employee Attendance: Employee attendance refers to the record of employees' presence or absence during scheduled work hours. It helps monitor punctuality, track leaves, and ensure workforce efficiency.