To View Employee Address Report

There are two ways to view the address report of the employees:

  1. Through Employee Module
  2. Through quick add

  1. Through Employee Module.

On the home page, go to Employee-->Reports-->Address Report.

Click Reports --> Address Report.

On the left navigation bar, select Reports.

Select Address Report.

A preview of the Address Report menu is shown below.

Address Report Menu

Click on the Search button to view the employees' address(permanent and communication address).

Address Report Menu

Now you can view both permanent and communication address of the employees from the list.

Address Report Menu

You can also download the details in the Excel format.

Address Report Menu

If you need to alter the address, go to employee menu-->click on the Update action.

2. Through quick add

We can also use the Search menu for quick searches.

Use the keyword "address" to find the Address Report menu.