Employee Happiness Rating Report

To View and Generate an Employee Happiness rating report:-

          1. Go to the Employee module-->Reports menu-->Happiness Rating report. (Alternatively, click the Search Actions search box in the header and search happiness rating report)

             2.  Click on the "Happiness rating report" button, which takes you to another page where the report is generated.

             3. Enter the "Date" for which the report is needed. You can also generate a report for (Today, yesterday, the Current month, previous month) by clicking on the respective buttons.

             4. Perform the search operation using "Search or Advanced search".

              5. After the search operation, a list of employees or a particular employee will be displayed in a table format according to the requirements .It also provides the results in pie chart etc.

              6. You can download the report in pdf or Excel format to complete the action, If you need to view a specific employee's complete happiness report, click the "view" action in the table.

               7. The view action generates a full report of an Employee as shown below.

Note: you can only view the report of the employee.