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To Add/ Update Notice Board

Notice Board: To manage the Notice Board, select options for adding or updating notices as required.

To Add/ View/ Update Custom Field

Custom Field: To perform actions on Custom Fields, choose from options: Add, View, or Update as needed

To Add /View /Update Country Code

Country Code: To manage Country Codes, use the dedicated interface to add, update, or view them easily

To Add /View /Update Location(Pincode)

Location(Pincode): Effortlessly manage location data: Add, update, and view pincode details with our user-friendly interface.

To Add /View /Update Nationality or Religion

Nationality or Religion: Collecting information about an employee's nationality or religion can be sensitive and potentially discriminatory. It's important to handle such data with care, ensuring compliance with relevant privacy and anti-discrimination laws.

To Add /View /Update City, District, State, or Country

City, District, State, or Country: To enhance user profiles, we're introducing fields for city, country, and district, providing a more comprehensive view of our users' locations

Security/MFA(Multi Factor Authentication)

Security/MFA: Implementing MFA enhances security by requiring users to provide two or more authentication factors, such as a password and a one-time code, adding an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Notification Preference

Notification Preference: Manage notification preferences to stay updated on your terms. Stay in control of your alerts.

Leave Request Approval

Modify leave approvals for employees easily. Streamline processes with our user-friendly interface.

To Change Login Password

Secure your account by changing your login password regularly to prevent unauthorized access.