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To view Daily Attendance

You can effortlessly access the daily attendance records, providing you with a real-time overview of employee presence. Furthermore, this menu enables you to instantly retrieve essential metrics such as the total employee count etc.

Permission Request Approval

Permission Approval: Permission approval is the formal process of requesting and obtaining consent from an employer or supervisor to be absent from work for a specified duration. It ensures smooth operations while considering employees' time-off needs and maintaining productivity.

Leave Request Approval

Modify leave approvals for employees easily. Streamline processes with our user-friendly interface.

Mark Attendance

Mark Attendance: Employee self-attendance involves individuals logging their presence by providing the date, time, and location, and attaching selfies. This digital method enhances convenience while maintaining accuracy and transparency in attendance tracking.

To Update Dob For Wishes

Personalize your wishes! Update your date of birth in this menu, ensuring heartfelt and timely birthday celebrations for you.

To Change Login Password

Secure your account by changing your login password regularly to prevent unauthorized access.

Permission Request

Permission Request: Employees seeking time off should submit a permission request, specifying the desired dates and reasons in advance. This will allow the organization to efficiently manage schedules and ensure smooth operations.

To View Attendance

Explore your attendance effortlessly! Review daily, current month, and past month's punch details. Customize by date for accurate insights

Leave Request

Leave Request: Seeking approval for a leave from the start date to the end date for personal reasons.

To View Notice Board

Notice board: A communal hub for sharing info, events, and announcements in public spaces, fostering communication.