Abirami Senthilkumar

To Add/Update/Delete File Wallet Category

File Wallet Category: The 'File Wallet Category' menu displays all the file wallet categories. You can customize your organization by adding, updating, or deleting categories effortlessly.

File Wallet Monitoring

File Wallet Monitoring: Within this menu, you gain a comprehensive oversight. You can easily view, update details, add or view attachments, review shared files, share items, and monitor downloads with a log showing who accessed the files. You can mark specific details as inactive.

To View File Wallet Download Logs Details

Download Logs: The 'Download Logs' menu provides a centralized view of all downloaded files, offering insights into who downloaded them and the timestamp of each download. It's a convenient tool for tracking file access and usage within your system.

To Add/View/Update the Branch Details

Branch: A branch refers to a distinct division or subsidiary that operates semi-autonomously within the larger entity, often with its own management, functions, and goals.

To Add/Update Financial Years

Financial Years: Financial years are designated accounting periods businesses use to track and report financial activities, typically from April 1st to March 31st.

Admin Access Log

Admin Access Log: Access the Admin Access Log menu to monitor and track the admin login activities for enhanced security and accountability.

Notification/Message Logs

Notification/Message Logs: Explore this menu to review previously sent notifications and message logs.

Send Message

Send Message: Admins can send messages to the employees through email and push notifications, offering convenient and effective channels for updates.

To View/Download File History(All Uploads)

File History (All Uploads): Click here to access uploaded files.


Dashboard: A dashboard is a visual interface that provides a comprehensive overview of important data. It allows users to monitor and analyze information at a glance, aiding in decision-making and facilitating data-driven insights.