Srimathi Nanjundamoorthy

Srimathi Nanjundamoorthy

Favourite Wallet

In this menu ,you can make the file wallet as favourite and also if not required ,can make it as unfavourite

File Wallet

Explore our menu of features: create a wallet, share with colleagues, attach files, update, and track download history.

To Add /View /Update Blood Group ,Language, Document Category, Qualification

To enhance user profiles, we're introducing fields for blood group ,language, document category, qualification providing a more comprehensive view of our users' locations

To Add/Create Role

Create roles, fine-tune role settings. Empower your team with tailored access and permissions

To Add Admin/User

Add admin/user, assign branch & compartment access, view/update data, reset passwords. Customize your access effortlessly


Access all your received messages in one convenient tab, complete with timestamps for easy tracking


Stay informed with our alerts feature. Get notified instantly and take action effortlessly. Explore alerts and take charge!

To view Daily Attendance

You can effortlessly access the daily attendance records, providing you with a real-time overview of employee presence. Furthermore, this menu enables you to instantly retrieve essential metrics such as the total employee count etc.

To Update Dob For Wishes

Personalize your wishes! Update your date of birth in this menu, ensuring heartfelt and timely birthday celebrations for you.

To View Attendance

Explore your attendance effortlessly! Review daily, current month, and past month's punch details. Customize by date for accurate insights