To Add/ Update Notice Board

Notice Board: To manage the Notice Board, select options for adding or updating notices as required.

To Add/ View/ Update Custom Field

Custom Field: To perform actions on Custom Fields, choose from options: Add, View, or Update as needed

To Add/View/Update the Branch Details

Branch: A branch refers to a distinct division or subsidiary that operates semi-autonomously within the larger entity, often with its own management, functions, and goals.

To Add /View /Update Blood Group ,Language, Document Category, Qualification

To enhance user profiles, we're introducing fields for blood group ,language, document category, qualification providing a more comprehensive view of our users' locations

To Add /View /Update Country Code

Country Code: To manage Country Codes, use the dedicated interface to add, update, or view them easily

To Add/Update Financial Years

Financial Years: Financial years are designated accounting periods businesses use to track and report financial activities, typically from April 1st to March 31st.

To Add /View /Update Location(Pincode)

Location(Pincode): Effortlessly manage location data: Add, update, and view pincode details with our user-friendly interface.

To Add/Create Role

Create roles, fine-tune role settings. Empower your team with tailored access and permissions

Admin Access Log

Admin Access Log: Access the Admin Access Log menu to monitor and track the admin login activities for enhanced security and accountability.

To Add Admin/User

Add admin/user, assign branch & compartment access, view/update data, reset passwords. Customize your access effortlessly